Soul Of A Lioness

Soul of a Lioness

So as you probably know by now Collabor88 has opened up it’s July round with a safari theme. So many great items this round and in particular all the jewellery and accessories that are on offer.

Since there was so much I decided to grab a couple of friends and show off some looks all together. So a big thanks to the lovely Kallisto Destiny and Oakley Foxtrot who were roped in to pose with me!

There’s a lot of credits so I’m just gonna head right to them, but make sure you go visit C88 with a whole pocketful of Ls to treat yourself with!



From Left to Right:


Hair – TUM278 – Boon @ RECENT

Skin – Kallisto Asia – Glam Affair @ C88 NEW

Dress – Kenya – Emery @ C88 NEW

Cardigan – Open Cardigan – Coco @ The Chapter Four NEW

Shoes – Safari Heels – Milk Motion @ C88 NEW

Necklace and Face Decor – Malika Collection – LaGyo @ C88 NEW

Bag – Malika – LaGyo @ C88 NEW

Pose – Le Poppycock


Hair – Ripley – Lelutka

Skin – Kallisto Exotic – Glam Affair @ C88 NEW

Romper – Ebele Romper – Mutresse @ C88 NEW

Jacket – Noah Cropped Jacket – The Secret Store @ C88 NEW

Necklace – Forest Jewellery Set – Mandala @ C88 NEW

Sunglasses – Aviators – Yummy

Pose – Le Poppycock


Hair – Leighton – Ison

Skin – Kallisto Asia – Glam Affair @ C88 NEW

Shirt – Khaki Blouse – Tres Blah @ C88 NEW

Shorts – Khaki Shorts – Tres Blah @ C88 NEW

Simple Nose Chain – Aisling

Earrings – Gretchen Earrings – Aisling @ We <3 RP

Bangles & Ring – Safari Tribe – Ison @ C88 NEW

Arm Tattoo – Basilisk – Bolson

Leg Tattoo – Reveal – Identity

Shoes – Bohemian String Platform – Zenith @ C88 NEW

Pose – Le Poppycock

A Million Different People

A Million Different People

Hiiii! Hope everyone is having a good start to their week. I’m back today with a bunch of new things that were released over the past few days.

First some newness from Collaborate, the hair from Lamb as well as the cropped pants and oxford style shoes with socks which are both by Baiastice. I love Lamb hair and I always get excited when I see her participating in events, there are 2 styles out at C88 for you to treat yourself with!

Also new are the sunglasses by Sorgo and the scarf from Pixel Mode which are both unisex items you can find at The Mens Dept. Sorgo always releases unique style glasses and gives you the option of having them as regular ones or shades, lately they’ve been giving a “display” model too, which has the arms folded up so you can hold them in your hand. This scarf is great too, I’ve been looking for new ones over the past couple of weeks and I love how the mesh is shaped so that it partially covers your mouth. It’s not rigged so easy to resize if you need.

Finally I’m wearing Emery’s latest item for FaMESHed, which is the cardigan with T-shirt, a great item for the colder weather and really stylish too. I’m using a recent pose that was out at Imeka’s store a little while ago as well.

Oh and let me just add…I know I’ve taken several pictures at Neva Sky Villi since it opened but it’s just my absolute favourite sim for taking shots at right now. There are so many different areas to explore that you could take 100 pics there and never have the same background twice. It can be pretty laggy at times but I think the results are worth it.



Hair – Stay Don’t Go – Lamb @ C88 NEW

Top – Los Angeles Cardigan – Emery @ FaMESHed RECENT

Pants – Metro Cropped Pants – Baiastice @ C88 NEW

Shoes – Oxford Shoes with Socks – Baiastice @ C88 NEW

Scarf – Dual Tone Scarf – Pixel Mode @ The Mens Dept NEW

Glasses – IDGAF – Sorgo @ The Mens Dept NEW

Bag – Sophmore Satchel – Mon Tissu

Pose – Imeka RECENT

Location – Neva Sky Villi

Autumn Haze

Autumn Haze

I always find it a struggle to blog towards the end of the month. It seems like there’s a lull in releases, almost like the calm before the storm, because in the next 8 days 4 of the major events (FaMESHed, We<3RP, The Mens Dept and C88) will have started new rounds. I'm sure this has everything to do with the fact that most people have more money at the start of the month since they've just been paid etc, but I think having at least one big event in the last week of the month would be worthwhile.

And yes, I know it's Halloween today and I probably should be posting a picture of me all dressed up for it, but honestly I've done more dark pictures this month than I probably have the past year and I'm over it! lol

So anyway, I grabbed a few old pieces from my jumble of an inventory and put this picture together mainly to show you the new Ava Rockabilly skin from Belleza that will be available at the Rockabilly event which opens on Saturday. I always love Belleza's eyeliners on their make ups and the red lips will give you a great retro look.



Hair – Faye – Truth RECENT

Skin – Ava Rockabilly – Belleza COMING SOON @ The Rockabilly Fashion Fair (opens Sat 3rd Nov)

Jacket – Denim Jacket – Emery

Scarf – Editorial Scarf (edited) – Lelutka

Glasses – Metropolis – Swallow

Location – Neva Sky Villi

It’s a London Thing

It's a London Thing

Since I dressed up kinda fancy yesterday I decided to do a picture that was more fun and quirky today so came up with this little outfit made with lots of new stuff!

The hair is from LOQ at TDR Fusion, it’s non rigged mesh you can mod it if needed and you get a fatpack for just 70Ls, so lots of colours to choose from! I decided to stick a pencil through it too just coz, well I felt like it.

I love this new t-shirt from Emery that you can find at FaMESHed. It’s longer at the back which does make it somewhat difficult to pair with mesh bottoms although it fitted fine for me with this skirt in most poses. The shoes are also at FaMESHed and were LaRoo’s offering this round. I have to say these are my favourite LaRoo release to date. I love, love shoes with socks and I said not long ago I wished there were more around so these just about made my day. They come in floral as well as plain textures so lots of options to choose from!

Now some bits and pieces that I picked up at The Arcade Gacha! The bag is from Pesca, it’s not animated but that means you can easily edit it to fit whatever pose you want it for. The denim skirt is Tulip’s gacha item with tons and tons of colours available. I’m really into high waisted skirts/shorts/pants lately, so this is a very welcome addition for me! You can also find the vintage style necklace and the cuff I’m wearing, by Nylon Outfitters and Baiastice at The Arcade too.

The London skyline in the background is made by Digs and is also at The Arcade, along with lots of other city skylines, but I have to confess that this one isn’t mine. You may or may not know that in RL I am originally from that area in England with lots of family still in London, so I’ve been desperately looking around the yard sales for one of these. During a shopping trip with a friend this morning I mentioned it to her and she promptly pulled one from her inventory and wore it in the store. However she did let me borrow it for this pic on the proviso that I give it back, which of course I did, with no intentions of just keeping it crossing my mind at all.

Anyway I need to get back to hunting my own out, so that’s me for today!



Hair – Con Panna – Loq @ TDR Fusion NEW

Top – Striped Pocket Top Regina – Emery @ FaMESHed NEW

Skirt – High Waisted Denim Mini – Tulip @ The Arcade NEW

Bag – Paille Pochette – Pesca @ The Arcade NEW

Shoes – Ellie Sock Pumps – LaRoo @ FaMESHed NEW

Necklace – Vintage Portrait Necklace Buddy – Nylon Outfitters @ The Arcade NEW

Cuff – Triple Pyramid Studs Leather Cuff – Baiastice @ The Arcade NEW

Earrings – Amelia Studs Earrings – Pure Poison

Ice Cream – Love Soul

London Skyline – Digs @ The Arcade NEW

Pose – Le Poppycock

Coffee and Cake

Coffee and Cake

FaMESHed are celebrating their one year anniversary this month and have invited back all the designers who have participated so far! There is a huuuuuge array of goodies available, clothes and accessories for both men and women as well as lots of great decor pieces, so make sure you visit!

I was immediately in love with this new denim jacket that Emery released for the event. I’ve been silently willing someone to make one for a while now and I’m so glad Emery did. There are a few different shades available, I opted for the mid blue, and the quality is fantabulous.

Baiastice also have some great new releases for this round, including this cute dress! It would’ve been so easy to dress this up in a formal way, but I decided I wanted to wear it a bit differently. It comes in both striped or plain, (I say plain, it’s a white top half with a coloured skirt part) patterns and is gonna be great for the spring/summer season. They also released a new cross jewellery set, which comprises of a necklace and matching ring, these are exactly the kinda style I love to wear so I know I’ll get a lot of use out of them and I’m sure they’ll make a few appearances here!

I’d been tempted to wear a pair of scruffy combat type boots with this outfit, which would’ve looked cute too but I decided to go with these SLink heels that I picked up yesterday because I wanted to mention their sale to you. If you didn’t know, SLink are reducing everything by 30% for this week (excluding the mesh hands and feet) which will run until the 5th of May. You can read more details about the why at their official blog.

I picked up these glasses by Sorgo at the latest round of TDR that started on Friday. I love the style of them but I noticed that the lens was darker on the bottom half than it was on the top, which would’ve been fine if it blended into the lighter half, but it didn’t. It just looked like when SL messes up and you get those squares of darker resolution on your pics, right under my eyes. So I fixed that in Photoshop because I didn’t like it.

Anyway, that’s all from me today, hope you’re enjoying your week and make sure to visit FaMESHed!




Hair – Cities in Dust – Lamb

Skin – Amberly 06 America – Glam Affair

Jacket – Denim Jacket Hollywood – Emery @ FaMESHed NEW

Dress – Karen Dress – Baiastice @ FaMESHed NEW

Necklace and Ring – Cross Jewellery Set – Baiastice @ FaMESHed NEW

Shoes – Lulu Stiletto (add on to medium height barefeet) – SLink NEW

Glasses – Billionaire Snake Glasses – Sorgo @ TDR Fusion NEW

Pose – Le Poppycock

Location – NotSoBad

French Kissing (and the Why Do I Blog Meme)

French Kissing (and the Why Do I Blog Meme)

Harper from Pixel Pantomime and I got together for this post and had a bit of an 80s thang goin’ on (hence the post title, love me some Blondie!)

Firstly I wanna talk about these new shoes from Baiastice. They are absolutely everything I want in a pair of shoes, cute, quirky and versatile. There’s an array of colours to choose from, as well as either a patent or snake pattern and the socks, o.m.g the socks. I have a little bit of an obsession for shoes with socks lately and I just don’t think there’s enough of them on the grid. They come with a HUD to change sock colour that has a few different patterns including plain, dotty and zebra.

I’m also wearing the new skirt and top from Emery that’s available at My Attic! Each of these are only 95Ls so you can easily treat yourself to a couple of colours! They’re both fantastic quality as Emery always is and for the price they’re easily my best buy this week. The necklace and earrings I’m wearing are a set by Maxi Gossamer at Collabor88 and are colour change like many of her pieces.

My glasses are by Adjunct at this months Mens Dept and the cuff I’m wearing is new from Inside Lab at SL Fashion Week! Both great accessories that I can easily wear with multiple outfits to create different looks. If you want to see Harper’s version of this pic (I wouldn’t bother, she basically cut me out of the entire picture, think she couldn’t handle the competition!) and her credits (coz it’s alllll about her!) then you can click here.

I decided to do Berry’s latest meme today as well, so bear with me while I ramble on a bit more!

1. How long have you been blogging? Since February 2012.

2. Why did you start blogging? As I started to spend less time in RP sims and discover the rest of SL, I began to play around with creating different looks and taking pictures. After a couple of months I decided I might as well share them on a blog instead of just looking at the pictures myself.

3. How many times a week do you post an entry? Varies, I try to do 3-4 but sometimes I might only do 2.

4. How many different blogs do you read on a regular basis? Hmm maybe 30? Pretty much all SL related. I used to read RL ones a long time ago but now my net browsing time is mostly taken up by looking at Flickr, SL Blogs or Tickld.

5. Do you comment on other people’s blogs? I am sooo guilty of not doing this enough and I really should do it more. Maybe this will light a fire under my ass now.

6. Do you keep track of how many visitors you’ve had? Yep I do!

7. Did you ever regret a post you wrote? I don’t think so, but I definitely look back at some of my earlier ones and think about how I could’ve improved the pics etc.

8. Do you think your readers have a true sense of who you are based on your blog? Hmm, not really. They definitely see a real side of me that loves shopping and dressing up and sometimes I try to put a bit of my humour into things, but I like to think there’s a lot more to me than omg I love this skirt/shoes/hair!

9. Do you blog under your real name? Nope, all SL for me.

10. Are there topics you would never blog about? Yes, RL things and things like religion or politics, because that’s entirely not the point of this blog.

11. What is the theme/topic of your blog? SL Fashion and shopping.

12. Do you have more than one blog? Nope just this one. I did have a Live Journal yeaaaaars ago, when I was about 17, and it was your typical teenage stuff “ohhh I like this boy, but then this boy kissed me and now idk what to do!”

13. What have you found to be the benefits of blogging? Meeting new people and making friends through Flickr and Plurk in the same community (still finding my feet with Plurk if I’m honest, always too self concious!) improving my PS skills and just generally having a hobby I love that I can spend my time on.

14. So why do you continue to blog? Coz I like it! When it stops being fun then I’ll stop doing it.




Hair – Cascade – Lelutka

Skin – Amberly 08 America – Glam Affair

Top – Sleeveless Shirt Destiny – Emery @ My Attic NEW

Skirt – Skirt Palms Irie – Emery @ My Attic NEW

Shoes – Jean Pumps – Baiastice

Glasses – Rainbow Readers – Adjunct Eyewear @ The Mens Dept NEW

Cuff – Buttoned Arm Cuff – Inside Lab @ SL Fashion Week NEW

Necklace and Earrings – Purse and Kitten Heels Set – Maxi Gossamer @ Collabor88

Pose – Del May

Ombre Alert

Ombre Alert

Hiii guys, just thought I’d get a quick Friday post in before I sign off for the weekend!

I’m not gonna lie to you, I totally bought this hair after I saw it on Danni Ravinelli’s blog, Forsaken, a few days ago. She’s one of my favourite bloggers and I always love her style so when I saw this hair do from a store called Pollen I had to check it out. I’d never heard of Pollen until then and when I looked into it in world, I found the creator and that she has a marketplace store for mesh hair here. She only has 2 styles at present and the colour packs are pretty basic, just a brunette, reds, blondes and black and whites, but you get 8 different shades in each. The demo also came with 4 colours options and I found the brunette, red and black texture good but I was not a fan of the blonde. It seemed really quite yellow, although this was only one shade so I don’t know how the others will look since there isn’t a complete colour sample pack. I decided to just stick with brunette since I didn’t want to take a chance just to see if I liked the other blondes better. This is the Giselle style and non rigged mesh so easy to edit. Overall I love this hair style and will definitely be keeping a look out for Pollen’s future releases!

Emery’s latest release hit the grid yesterday and I’m featuring a couple of them. The Carrie sweater and the Samantha bag! I adore both of these and for some reason even more so since they’re named after Sex in the City characters, there was also a Charlotte skirt which is adorable but nothing for poor Miranda :(

Maitreya brought us their Autumn ankle boots a couple of days ago too with a special colour block pack at a reduced price for VIP group members. This group is FREE to join so I have no idea why you wouldn’t already be in it and you get the set of 3 boots for half the normal price. 500Ls for 3 pairs of Maitreya boots? Yes please! They were also really great colours as well, this beige colour, oxblood and a dark grey which is almost black. Make sure you take advantage of this promo because it’s only on for a limited time!

Remember I mentioned the Erratic 50% off sale yesterday? Well I’m also wearing a couple more items I picked up there too. The shorts and tights are both half price and while I like these shorts a lot and had considered buying them before, I’d decided that I didn’t really need more denim shorts. Well it turned out in fact that I needed 3 more pairs when they were half price.

This ^ and the Maitreya group pack is a classic example for me of how discounts and events with reduced prices boost sales. If it’s cheap or reduced, I’m gonna buy one, maybe 2 or 3 (ok sometimes 4) even if I don’t need it and I’m gonna buy it right then and there, just because it’s cheap. If an item is full price and I’m not gushing in love with it, if I don’t need it right at that moment, if I already have similar items in my inventory or it was more than I’d expect to pay, then it becomes a considered purchase for me and there’s probably a 95% chance that I’m just not going to buy it at all. But something cheap that I don’t need, love and have 5 different versions of already? I’m gonna jump all over that, coz I never know when it’ll come in handy! I’m happy at the end of it because I feel like I got a great bargain and the creator probably ends up with more money from me coz I’ll buy at least 2 colours/versions as opposed to buying one or none at all. Pretty much win/win really.

Anyway that’s my little Friday ramble over, hope you all have a great weekend!



Hair – Giselle – Pollen

Sweater – Carrie Sweater – Emery NEW

Shorts – Jessy Studded Shorts – Erratic IN THE SALE

Boots – August Ankle Boots – Maitreya NEW (Group discounted pack)

Bag – Samantha Clutch – Emery NEW

Tights – Patterned Tights Birds – Erratic IN THE SALE

Necklace and Ring – Santa Fe – LaGyo

Skin – Zara America 02 – Glam Affair @ Skin Fair

Pose – Le Poppycock

Location – ISON Main store

California Here I Come

California Here I Come

Ok so, I think I am officially obsessed with wanting spring to arrive already, so I was really excited yesterday when my friend Jac Mornington showed me his new sim build. It’s called Baja Norte and is based around a Californian beach. Even though Jac has his private home there the sim is open to the public and has rez with auto return switched on, so it’s really great for photo ops! I definitely recommend taking a visit, even if it’s just to sit around the ramshackle ol’ bar and chill for a bit, which is where I was when I took this pic.

Anyway, onto my outfit! So many new releases today what with FaMESHed, TDR and of course, The Arcade starting, that I only really had time to take a quick snap since the rest of the time I was shopping ;) Both the top and shorts are by Emery at FaMESHed and are really perfect for beach hopping. Studded shorts are always a win and the fringe tank is perfect for an extra “something”. The jewellery set it is also a new release at FaMESHed by Maxi Gossamer, who delivered a couple of quality pieces as you’d always expect. This one is called Black Sun, comes complete with necklace, ring and earrings as well as in both gold and silver.

Amazing hair Canto by Lelutka, do I need to mention it? I’m sure you’ve seen it! Harper was wearing it in my last post but of course I had to have it too, who can resist a new Lelutka do?

I hope everyone has a great weekend and enjoys all the shopping and gacha trading, I know I will!




Hair – Canto – Lelutka NEW

Top – Mesh Top Roback – Emery @ FaMESHed NEW

Shorts – Mesh High Waist Denim Short Hope – Emery @ FaMESHed NEW

Necklace – Black Sun Set – Maxi Gossamer @ FaMESHed NEW

Glasses – Karina Sunglasses – Yummy

Location – Baja Norte

I Knew

I Knew

I’ve been wearing this new dress from Emery at My Attic for 3 days straight now. I should probably get changed but I am so in love with it. It’s only 95Ls and comes in a variety of colours, so for that price you can easily get an assortment! I’ve been wearing a lot of black lately though so for this picture I just stuck with that.

Also adore this new Nydia hair that Truth released yesterday. I love the contrast of a really light blonde or white with all the black I’m wearing so that’s what I did!

Finally, a couple of posts ago I wrote about old group gifts that you might have and hadn’t taken advantage of yet and it reminded me of this Petal edition of Glam Affair’s Amberly that I hadn’t worn, so I added that too!

Hope everyone has enjoyed their weekend,


EDITED TO ADD: I received an IM today to ask whether the butterflies were included on the hair, but nooo that was photoshop work! Sorry for any confusion :)

Hair – Nydia – Truth NEW

Dress – Mesh Dress Embellished Ehrmantraut – Emery @ My Attic NEW

Skin – Amberly Petal Edition – Glam Affair (old group gift)

Necklace – Rock Jewellery Set – HandVerk

Pose – Del May

Tea For Two

Ok so technically it’s hot chocolate not tea, but hot chocolate for two doesn’t have quite the same ring to it. I was just sitting here in world like this, in my new apartment with my new furniture so I thought I’d snap a quick picture. Although now the more I look at it the more it kind of depresses me and Mr Bear doesn’t seem too impressed either.




Hair – Jade – Truth (Mesh) NEW

Top – Mesh Top No 2 – Emery

Jeans – High Rise Jeans – The Secret Store (Mesh)

Friendship Bear – Damien Fate (Mesh)

Couch – Arizona Couch – Bazar (Mesh)

Chocolatier Drinks Tray – What Next (Mesh)